Lawsuit Filed Against Staywell Research for Failing to Compensate Study Participants

Recently, Staywell Research, a company based in California that owns and operates Medicus Research LLC, is being sued for violating state laws by failing to provide compensation to participants of a medical study. In addition, the company is being sued for committing fraud.

One plaintiff states she signed an agreement with Staywell Research, consenting to a weight loss study. In the contract, the company stated she, and other participants, would receive a certain amount of compensation in return for their participation. After signing the agreement, Staywell Research denied the plaintiff access to the contract or any copy of such. The plaintiff signed the contract in July 2013 and still has not received any amount of compensation.

The plaintiff stated she believes more than tens of thousands of Californians have been deceived by Staywell Research in the same manner. Other participants have stated that when they call the company, they are unable to speak to a representative. Additionally, many participants have stated that when they approach the company with walk-in requests, they are met with delay strategies.

Well over 20 complaints have been filed against Staywell Research since January 1. The complaints have been filed with the Business Consumer Alliance and state the company broke contracts which were to award as much as $1,500 to participants of the study. Furthermore, Staywell Research is facing a lawsuit for violating the California Protection of Human Subject in Medical Experimentation Act.

Golomb Legal, P.C.’s Attorney Kenneth Grunfeld will represent the proposed class of study participants. The case will be held in the Superior Court of the State of California in Los Angeles.