Johnson & Johnson Seeks to Consolidate 103 Baby Powder Lawsuits

Johnson & Johnson, a multinational medical and consumer goods manufacturer, hopes to centralize 103 baby powder suits in multicounty litigation in Atlantic County. According to claimants, J&J baby powder products containing talc cause ovarian cancer.

Since 87 of the pending suits were filed in Atlantic County, J&J wants to consolidate the cases. The company wrote, “Counsel have been advised by the court that it is not possible to administratively transfer the Bergen County cases to Atlantic County. Defendants there for respectfully request the centralized management of all of these matters…”

According to J&J, it makes sense to combine the cases because of the “large number” of suits alleging the same damages, ovarian cancer.

J&J also stated that it disputes the causation between the products and cancer.

Richard Golomb of Golomb Legal PC. Told Law360 the firm has dozens of clients filing against J&J, and since the beginning of the litigation, he believed “coordination [was] inevitable and justified.”

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