Stroke Misdiagnosis in Young Adults

Swift treatment is the key to survival and recovery in stroke victims, but young adults are often misdiagnosed in emergency rooms and sent home with no treatment at all. The most effective treatment is only available during the first three hours, and patients need to be monitored for up to 48 hours following the event. Even those who do not go to the hospital within the optimum time frame still require medical attention.

Young adults are misdiagnosed because they are not generally considered to be at risk for stroke. While that may apply to the age-group in general, stroke can occur in anyone with no known risk factors, and age is only one of many possible contributors.

For instance, common medications such as oral contraceptives, can greatly increase the risk of stroke. When patients are able to inform emergency room staff of medications they are taking, anything that could increase the risk of stroke should signal the need for proper testing, but the connection isn't always made. Additionally, stroke victims may not be capable of listing their medications or may not be able to remember them, so emergency room staff should assume the possibility of stroke in all patients presenting with certain symptoms and conduct the necessary tests even the symptoms seem minor.

Delayed treatment or lack of treatment for stroke can mean a lifetime of severe disability and the need for extensive therapy and medical treatments. Some patients can have improved function with therapy, but many will need life-long care and some will even require 24-hour supervision in a nursing home or other care facility. Stroke misdiagnosis is medical malpractice for which you not only deserve, but need compensation in order to have access to the newest treatments which provide the best chance at recovery or to pay for necessary care when recovery is not possible.

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