Bean Bag Chairs Recalled Due to 2 Fatalities

More than 2 million bean bag chairs have been recalled nationwide in the wake of the deaths of two children. Faulty zipper designs allow children to open the cover and suffocate on the foam beads that fill the interior. These kinds of tragedies are completely avoidable, but when a company chooses to neglect its responsibility to ensure consumer safety, the consequences can be deadly.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and New Orleans-based Ace Bayou Corp. announced the voluntary recall of 2.2 million defective bean bag chairs in August. The industry standard for bean bag chairs is that chairs that cannot be refilled should feature non-operable zippers or no zippers at all.

The defective products produced by Ace fail to live up to this basic requirement, and minor design changes to these bean bag chairs could have prevented the deaths of a thirteen-year-old boy from Texas and a three-year-old girl from Kentucky. When big corporations place profits ahead of safety, the defective product attorneys at Golomb Legal can stand up for you and help you recover the damages you deserve.

If your child was injured due to a defective bean bag chair, please contact Golomb Legal today to arrange a no-cost case evaluation. We serve clients nationwide from our offices in Philadelphia.