Actos Lawsuits Claim Takeda Placed Profits over Safety

Pharmaceuticals save countless lives every year, and there's no question that society has benefited greatly from the increased quality of life and lifespan that modern medicine offers. However, drug companies too often take advantage of consumers by prioritizing profits over product safety. Simply put, this is unacceptable, and these pharmaceutical companies must be held accountable for the damages caused by their actions.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals, manufacturer of the diabetes medication Actos is currently the focus of numerous pharmaceutical injury lawsuits because of the drug’s link to bladder cancer. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned consumers that using Actos for more than a year may be associated with a heightened risk of developing cancer.

Unfortunately, once the association between the Actos and bladder cancer was discovered, Takeda continued to market the product without adequately warning patients and doctors of the increased risk of cancer. According to a recent article in Bloomberg, executives at Tadeka were aware of the risks as early as 2004 but failed to issue any warnings until 2011 in order to keep raking in billions of dollars in profits.

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