Group urges FDA to Insist on Energy Drink Warning

The defective product attorneys at Golomb Legal have handled many types of cases related to certain products and medications that failed to warn consumers of serious risks. When you don’t know of certain risks posed by a product you use, you could be left seriously injured as a result.

Earlier this month, a consumer advocacy group called the Center for Science in the Public Interest asked the US Food and Drug Administration to require warnings on energy drinks. According to Reuters, the CSPI believes this warning is necessary because certain high-caffeine energy drinks have been linked to 17 deaths since the fall of 2012, although there isn’t any evidence showing that these deaths were caused by the drinks for sure. Reuters does say that 34 people have died in the last 10 years after drinking 5-hour Energy, Monster or Rockstar.

As this issue develops, we’ll continue to evaluate whether the makers of these energy drinks and others may be liable for failing to warn consumers of the serious risks posed by certain ingredients and for people with certain health conditions. The FDA says its continues to study energy drinks as it has for several years.