Blue Cross Faces Class Action Bad Faith Insurance Lawsuit

A bad faith insurance lawsuit has been filed against Anthem Blue Cross, claiming the insurance company unfairly denied coverage to policy holders who were misled into believing they were covered by a particular plan. The plaintiff filed the lawsuit as a class action case in order to represent all individuals in the state of California who experienced this denial in coverage.

The bad faith insurance lawsuit alleges that Anthem Blue Cross provided policy holders with insurance identification cards which indicated they were covered under the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan. However, these policy holders were actually covered under the Exclusive Provider Organization plan, which imposes much greater restrictions on coverage.

PPO policy holders have access to a wider network of Anthem Blue Cross physicians, and they also can receive coverage when they are treated by out-of-network providers. The Exclusive Provider plan offers more limited access to in-network physicians, and there is no coverage when treatment is provided by out-of-network doctors. As a result, many Anthem Blue Cross policy holders who were erroneously issued PPO identification cards received treatment from doctors who they believed were covered by their policy only to have their insurance claims denied.

The plaintiff in this bad faith insurance lawsuit claims Anthem Blue Cross never informed her that her plan had changed or explained the difference in coverage. In addition, the new insurance card she received still had the PPO logo on it, making her believe her coverage was more extensive than it actually was.

Unfortunately, insurance providers act in bad faith quite often, leaving policy holders with sizeable financial burdens that they weren’t expecting. If you’ve been the victim of bad faith insurance, the attorneys at Golomb Legal will fight aggressively to protect your rights and recover the compensation you deserve.

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