Consumer Attorneys Investigating Claims of Energy Company 'Slamming'

The Philadelphia-based consumer rights attorneys at Golomb Legal are currently investigating cases in which certain energy supply companies have enrolled customers for electricity generation supply services without the customers' knowledge or consent, a practice known as "slamming."

If you believe you have been a victim of this fraudulent and deceptive business practice, please call our lawyers at 855-889-5389 for your free case review. We welcome clients from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and nationwide.

How Electricity Slamming Works

Under deregulation laws in various states, the supply portion of a consumer's energy bill is separated from the delivery portion. With the supply portion open to competition, consumers are free to shop around for the best energy rates.

However, some energy supply companies subvert the consumer-friendly purpose of deregulation and prevent their customers from making independent, informed decisions about their electricity providers by engaging in slamming. Consumers typically do not discover they have been slammed until they notice changes in their energy bills from a different electricity supplier than the one from which they received their electricity in the past.

Energy Companies and Slamming

Our experienced attorneys are currently reviewing claims from consumers who may have been slammed by energy companies including:

  • Clearview Energy
  • AP Gas & Electric (APG&E)
  • IDT Energy

If you suspect you were a victim of slamming by one of these energy providers, please contact Golomb Legal today for your free claim evaluation. Our lawyers are proud to represent consumers from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and across the United States.