Class Action Lawsuit Claims Drug Makers Invented "Low Testosterone" Condition

A proposed class action lawsuit was recently filed by the insured Medical Mutual of Ohio against Eli Lilly & Co, Actavis Pharma, Abbott Laboratories, and their subsidiaries. The 341-page lawsuit accuses the pharmaceutical companies of inventing the medical condition, known as low testosterone, and using deceptive marketing to build a billion dollar industry. The insurer alleges that the pharmaceutical companies violated civil racketeering laws, RICO statutes, and consumer protection laws in all 50 states. In addition, they allege that these drug makers engaged in fraud and negligent misrepresentation, which resulted in billions of dollars in unjustified claims for health insurers.

According to the complaint, the pharmaceutical companies deliberately convinced millions of men that they were suffering from a medical condition, known as low testosterone. In fact, the majority of these men were suffering from nothing more than the normal aging process. They then deliberately misrepresented the safety and effectiveness of their drugs and continued to promote off-label uses. The lawsuit claims that these pharmaceutical companies deliberately concealed the negative side effects of their drugs, including heart complications, and illegally paid physicians “kickbacks”.

Medical Mutual has claimed that these drug companies used deceptive marketing campaigns and direct to consumer marketing campaigns that generated annual sales of $2 billion in 2012, all while purposefully downplaying and ignoring health hazards and risks.

Sadly, both insurers and patients have suffered because of the off-label marketing of low testosterone drugs. Currently, low testosterone drugs are ONLY approved for men who have been diagnosed with hypogonadism.

Just How Risky are Low Testosterone Drugs?

The FDA is investigating recent connections between the use of popular low testosterone drugs, such as Androgel, Androderm, Testopel, and Testim. A recent study published in Plus One found that men under the age of 65 years old with a history of heart disease were 3x more likely to suffer a heart attack when taking low testosterone supplements. Men over the age of 65 were 2x more likely to suffer a heart attack-even if they never had a history of heart disease.

In light of these recent findings, the FDA advisory panel is recommending a more comprehensive study relating to heart attack and testosterone supplements. When asked about the risks of testosterone supplementation, FDA panel member John Teerlink replied, ” We have no evidence of any benefit for patients and we have questions about clinical safety.”

National Dangerous Drug Lawyers

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