Podiatrist is Ordered to Pay Double Amputee $2.06 Million

Attorney Richard Golomb recently secured one of the largest awards in the history of Berks County on behalf of his client—who lost both of his legs after having a corn removed from his toe. In this case, the jury returned a $2,068,687 verdict in favor of Golomb’s client, 59-year-old Donald Davis. The lawsuit was filed against a Pottstown-based podiatrist who did not review his medical records prior to conducting the procedure.

After having the corn removed from his toe, Davis was treated by a surgeon at Pottstown Memorial Medical Center. He had developed an infection, which eventually turned into gangrene. After numerous procedures that aimed to improve Davis’ circulation, he developed staph infections. He was sent to St. Joseph Medical Center for treatment, but the doctors decided that they would need to amputate his legs.

The jury’s gross award to Davis was $3.4 million, but they found that he was 40% responsible for his injuries—leaving him with a total award of $2,068,687.00.