New Class Action GM Recall Lawsuit Contains Over 600 Plaintiffs

Last week, a class action lawsuit was filed against General Motors (GM) in relation to injuries suffered by drivers of vehicles recalled by the auto manufacturer earlier this year. The class of plaintiffs includes 658 victims, 29 people who died and 629 others who were injured in association with car accidents caused by ignition switch defects.

The plaintiffs in this class action product liability case are not eligible to receive compensation through the fund established by GM since the fund only covers injuries associated with the first 2.6 million vehicles recalled over ignition switch defects. However, there are 26 million additional vehicles which were recalled as part of a later wave for a variety of issues, many of which involved ignition switch defects.

Due to the fact that GM received protection in bankruptcy court against lawsuits associated with car accidents occurring before they emerged from bankruptcy, only victims suffering injuries in car accidents after 2009 are eligible to be part of this lawsuit. However, pre-2009 car accident victims are eligible to recover money from GM’s compensation fund, which will pay out at least $400 million in benefits to victims.

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