Johnson & Johnson Recalls Hysterectomy Device Due to Cancer Concerns

Medical product and device manufacturer Johnson & Johnson decided to recall a medical device that is utilized during hysterectomies and other uterine procedures after it received reports that the device might spread undetected cancer in patients.

The device is one that shaves tissue into small pieces that can be removed without the need for open surgery. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned healthcare providers that the popular device may disperse malignant cancer cells. The FDA found that about 1 in 350 women who go into surgery and have the devices used may have some type of cancer that the medical device can cause to spread past the uterus. Additionally, the spread of these cells into the abdomen and pelvis can substantially decrease a woman’s chance of surviving the cancer.

The Ethicon unit of Johnson & Johnson is the largest manufacturer of the devices. It decided to recall these defective medical devices from the market due to the concerns over the potential to spread cancer. The company decided to pull the product until medical guidelines were created or new technologies were established to decrease this serious health risk.

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