How to File a Class Action Lawsuit

Class action lawsuits begin when someone suffers physical injury or financial damages due to the actions of a liable party – most often a large company or national corporation – and they also suspect that many others also incurred similar damages under similar circumstances. Instead of everyone needing to file a lawsuit against that one defendant, which would bog down the legal system and give inconsistent results, the class action lawsuit groups them into a class that is represented in one complaint. This allows a technically-limitless amount of people to all pursue fair compensation together.

Starting a class action lawsuit requires first identifying the usual factors in a personal injury claim, such as liable party, damages, and potential plaintiffs. Being able to identify all potential plaintiffs in a class action can be tricky. Although a class action could feasibly be approved by a court with just two plaintiffs joining forces, it is common for a case to include dozens, hundreds, or thousands of plaintiffs. It is recommended to talk to a class action attorney before filing a class action lawsuit to discuss whether or not the creation of a class action will be successful and how many people can be expected to join it.

Filing the Action & Class Notification Mailings

With the help of your class action attorney, you can prepare to file a class action complaint. Your lawyer should be able to make the draft and file it to the appropriate court and in the right amount of time, all on your behalf. This is somewhat similar to an individualized personal injury complaint.

Class action lawsuits become unique again shortly after the filing, though, when it becomes time to send out class notification mailers. You may have already found a group of people you know can join your class and spoken to them about the pending lawsuit, but there are probably many more people out there you have never met who have been hurt or harmed in the same way. Imagine a class action lawsuit for a defective product that was sold by all sorts of retailers all around the nation. How can you possibly reach everyone who has the right to opt into the class after being hurt by that product?

This is where class notification mailers and adverts become crucial. You can send out physical mailers to regions that you suspect are likely to have a large population that can join the class action. Thanks to the digital age, it is even easier to spread awareness through online advertisements, banners, and the like. The objective is finding as many class members as possible to better drive home the fact that the complaint is valid and the damage is real.

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